Artificial grass can be ideal for your yard. It can be better for the environment, requires little-to-no maintenance, and looks amazing. In fact, it is one of the best uses for recycled plastics.  

However, just like any item, artificial grass comes with some drawbacks as well. It is beautiful. However, there are a couple of ways you can damage artificial grass. This can include rocks, dirt, and more.  

Before you search for “artificial grass near me” on Google, it’s best that you know how you could damage it. Here are some of them: 

Sharp Edges 

This is perhaps a bit obvious. If you have artificial grass, you don’t have to use a lawnmower. It’s one of the benefits you can get from it.  

However, there are a couple of other sharp objects that can damage the grass. You can find most of them attached to your lawn furniture. Typically, the feet of your furniture isn’t ideal for artificial grass. They’re sharp and heavy. Thus, before you invest in any furniture, make sure you take a look at the feet. You might face an issue if they aren’t properly blunted and rounded.  


Oil is another thing that can damage your artificial grass. There are a lot of ways you can spill oil on grass. These oils can cause chemical damage. For those who don’t know, oils can break down some of the plastics and result in issues. If you spill oil, make sure you tackle the problem right away.  


There are a lot of things that can damage turf when dropped. One of these things is adhesive substances. Though you might assume that it’s okay to spill glue on your grass, that is not the case at all. Adhesives are one of the biggest enemies of artificial grass. One of the most common adhesives that affect artificial grass is chewing gum. It can be extremely difficult to remove a piece of gum in the grass if it is stuck.  

Excessive Weight 

Heavy weight can affect the structural stability of your grass. It can result in issues and damage the grass completely. Luckily, foot traffic isn’t heavy enough for this issue. Your artificial grass is made to withstand particular foot traffic.  

On the other hand, extreme weight will cause immediate damage. This can include parking your car on the artificial grass. Even smaller vehicles can be heavy enough to create issues, such as bicycles and motorcycles.  


Your artificial grass is made of recycled plastics. One of the biggest enemies of plastics is fire. It might sound obvious. However, you should not set your turf on fire. Aside from that, there are also other sources of fire and heat that you should consider.  

These sources include outdoor fireplaces, grill, cigars, and cigarettes. Professionals recommend that you avoid using these things on your artificial grass.  

Even if you properly throw away your cigars and cigarettes, they can still produce ash. If you smoke them on top of your artificial grass, the ash can drop and burn your turf.